Thursday, June 12, 2008

Accepting the inevitable

Just so we're clear about this, let's go over it one more time.
  • Some communities in India have suffered injustice
  • We, collectively, all feel very bad for those communities that have suffered injustice
  • Government (we) even goes (waay) out of line to ensure that members of those communities are provided with education in an effort ostensibly to uplift them
But that wasn't enough? Now what do people want?

Apparently, to stay in school even when you're basically flunking out!

Wasn't it expected that when students, who are academically inferior on average that the rest of their class, would be thrust on a level playing field competing with the very best, they would be whipped silly? Did one actually expect the bulk of the SC/ST students, who found themselves all of a sudden in the IITs and premier engineering and medical colleges, to suddenly discover hidden talent? Is a strong grasp of the fundamentals of science and math an innate genetic ability or for the most part does it take years of revising the basics, slowly creating a robust educational base while incrementally adding to it every year.

So if some of these SC/ST students are asked to leave by their respective institutes for not being able to maintain the minimum acceptable academic level, it's bloody unfortunate, but tough!

But no, only in India, can someone as senior as the Director of IIT Delhi, Prof. Surendra Prasad be summoned, by the SC/ST Commission, following a complaint lodged with them which alleged that -
The IIT administration had deliberately handpicked the students from SC/ST communities to throw them out of the institute... [IE]
When will pushy parents learn?


At Sun Jul 13, 03:13:00 AM GMT-5, Blogger bernard n. shull said...

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At Tue Sep 23, 10:37:00 AM GMT-5, Blogger Leah said...

Is this blog basically dead now? I still check it once in a while, but you haven't posted in ages- let me know if you plan to keep going.

Hope you're doing well!


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