Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of Vacation and women.... WTF!!!

Even while I was reading this article I knew that it would make it to the WTF series on India Uncut, and sure enough as soon as Amit's blog popped open, it was there, not WTF but in the 'where your taxes go' series. It is quite exasperating to actually write up a blog entry for something like this, so I shall merely quote from the IBNLive article and let you form your own conclusions!

The government admits that judges combine foreign tours with holidays while going for seminars... They do this at the taxpayers' expense.

YK Sabarhwal, former CJ of India, attended a 11 day conference, but the duration of his drip was 22 days taking him to Baltimore, Atlanta and Orlanda. Okay.. so maybe the guy wanted to see Disney World?

Former CJ G B Pattnaik called for Government to take action. "The Government must not take pay for judges' private trips. If they are paying they are spineless" he said.

Hmmm.. the UPA government .. spineless? Come on !

But this is not even the best part. The true WTF statement comes from Union Law Minister HR Bhardwaj.

He [Union Minster] though said that they were doing nothing wrong. "They also need comfort, they also need to go out. Why they should be deprived of it? How can you deprive the wife? You are a woman. You should understand" Bhardwaj told CNN IBN's correspondent.
This coming from our law minster... may the heavens help us. I am now recalling all the lawyer jokes and all the politician jokes I have heard in the past. But Bhardwaj is going to instrumental in creating a new genre of lawyer-politician jokes. I am surprised to see that Sabarhwal did not include Vegas in his itinerary. If he works so hard and needs the comfort, I would strongly recommend the beautiful women and exquisite lap dances one can get in the many Gentleman's Clubs in Vegas. I am sure a similar arrangement can be made for the wives!

What? Don't blame me for being bad... You are a woman. You should understand !!


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