Monday, April 14, 2008

Political Zombies

So Rahul Gandhi is being touted as possibly the next Prime Ministerial candidate of the Congress Party. I'm quite ambivalent about this news headline but while reading through this article, one quote struck out as an example of how devoid of individuality our politics really is.

Arjun Singh while arguing for Rahul Gandhi's abilities to lead the nation said -

These are my individual views... It is up to the UPA to decide. I have no view. Whatever is the party view, is my view

Well, he just stated his individual views and then immediately annulled them by stating that he had no views. Then he goes on to state that despite not having views, he will mindlessly accept whatever the party view is.

This is how Indian politics works. You kiss up to the top leadership and hope to be rewarded for your sycophant nature. If Sonia Gandhi says must ask... how high?


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