Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The case against SMS'ing

It can get you stabbed!

I got this link off of India Uncut and I have to say it is definitely the most surreal story I have heard in quite some time.

A couple going through a divorce are understandably upset at each other. The husband then decides to send an angry message to his wife. Bad Mistake. When she receives it and reads it she is appalled at that message referring vaguely to an orgy. What actually transpired was the following. The wife's phone was incapable of supporting a particular Turkish letter, and had converted the word that included that letter, into another one, similar in spelling but completely different in meaning.

Needless to say, much violence ensued, following which, what could have been an amicable separation ended up in murder and suicide.

If there is anything remotely funny about this story, then it will have to be the conclusion of the article carrying this story -

Apparently it's not the first incident of this kind caused by the damned dot on top of the letter i. The local press has pointed out that the faulty localization of cellphones in Turkey is causing "serious problems" when it comes to certain "delicate words" in Turkish, and they are calling to enhance localization of technology to avoid these mistakes. Alternatively, the press could ask for banning knives from the homes of demonstrably stupid people! [ Emphasis Mine]

Moral of the Story : Don't SMS, just call. Though I know the average Indian cell-phone user will never heed my advice.


At Wed Apr 23, 04:06:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger Sanbrita said...

Hey...saw your link on gmail so came to see your blog. :) I myself didn't know what SMS was till my cousin explained it to me when I went to India in 2006 and honestly fount it quite annoying. I personally believe its best to call the person and if you want to send a visual...then just e-mail. I don't have text messaging on my phone...takes too long to type! hehe. Anyways, was reading some of your other articles...quite interesting!

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