Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Woman's Wrath

Here's a tip for all those brave souls who, for some reason, decided to tie the knot. When your wife cooks you a good meal, regardless of how it tastes, smile and appreciate it. Else...

You just might be hacked to death! Yikes!

A woman in Jharkhand hacked her husband to death, in front of her four children, ostensibly because he complained that her dinner was stale! Apparently both were inebriated. Her confession was made while she was still drunk, but after she recovered she denied ever committing the act.

I can think of all the stupid things I've done when drunk. In fact often times, the morning after a party is just as fun, when we view the videos shot, and talk about who did what. Imagine waking up and being told that you brutally hacked your significant other. Now, that'll give you a hangover!


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