Friday, April 25, 2008

On KPS Gill

I admit that, apart from the plethora of news briefings, I have made no detailed inquiries into the failings of Indian hockey. I am aware that IHF President KPS Gill is taking the heat for not just the recent debacle but also for our consistent lack-luster performance. However I must admit, that I do find the man to be fairly intriguing.

I believe in giving the devil his dues and while I have heard scathing criticisms of him (last night someone likened him to Mugabe) I must say that the man does have balls. I remember last month, watching an NDTV interview of him; he sat at ease, defiant of all his critics, pooh-poohing their criticisms and eloquently defending his policies (or lack of).

"Let younger people first become sports ministers before such suggestions are given. I don't think age has anything to do with managing sports."

"Let not sports ministers talk of accountability or responsibility. Most of them don't know anything about sports and have never done anything for hockey. In the past five years, have you seen these ministers doing anything?"

"What have these government bodies done for us? Where have they ever provided us with the funds or the facilities? They call it the national game, and do nothing for it..." [IE]
I do not know how the current fiasco will end. Intuitively I think it is best for a new man to be in charge with a new set of ideas. But the quality and competitiveness of Indian sports has fallen to abysmal levels and we need drastic efforts to resuscitate the entire sporting community. How we will do so, is yet to be seen. I'm not too sure about KPS Gill, but from the brief spell that the other Gill has had with the Sports Ministry and the statements he has been issuing, I don't have high hopes.

I desperately hope I am proven wrong.


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