Monday, January 09, 2006

Poetry 101 - Spring

Cold air rushes into my lungs
And I gasp…..
The wind is crisp and cool and
it strokes my hair,
caresses my skin

Our shadows gently graze the leaves
Moving stealthily over rough bark
As we watch the flowers blossom
Scraping out of the buds,
Painting away the dullness
Like a kiss of color
Diffuses to bring forth life

Your head feels heavy on my chest
with every breath I take
Your black hair
smooth as it sweeps across my face…

Light trickles down through the branches..
Each droplet falling from the sun
Barely reaching the dark undergrowth
Where we lay
Soft and wet foliage beneath us
An infinite expanse above

Contented…I slowly drift away
Into your austere beauty
your fingers stroking my cheeks and
your breath warm as you whisper

The wind picks up again
I shiver….not from the cold
but from the warmth


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