Saturday, July 15, 2006


In 2004, when Manmohan Singh was made Prime Minister of our great country, I was filled with pride. I was arguing all over, with anyone who would care, that a visionary like him could truly transform our nation. I was overjoyed at how lucky we were, that the man who salvaged our nation in '91 was back, about a decade later, to thrust us forward into an era of reform, modernization and tremendous growth. I expected great things from a man I greatly admired and respected. I was naive ofcourse, lulled into believing that a man as educated and academically focussed as him, could make for a strong leader. Not only are his ideas being thwarted by his allies, but he has once again failed to impress, lead or inspire the citizens of this country, when they needed him most.

And when the nation suddenly was faced with a crisis, when we needed a leader to guide us and to instil in us the belief that we would uproot, crush and anhilliate terrorism in our nation, when we needed a leader who would not simply offer us his hollow rhetoric but a solution, or atleast an action, a resolve, we were let down by our leaders again.

I am an ordinary citizen of this country. I fail to understand the complexities of the situation. So either educate me about what exactly is being done or take some action !

I am tired of listening to the exact same emotion-devoid words. I am tired of simply standing while continually being barraged by these terrorist outfits who have plagued the country. I am tired of hearing how shocked the polticians all are. I am tired of us continually warning Pakistan and Bangladesh. I am tired of the BSF personnel who are killed incessantly by these rogues, becoming just a number, a statistic. I am tired of our apparent inability to react. I am tired at the world expressing shock and grief and offering their condolences but no real support. I am tired from having to defend an entire religion because of a complex group of a few cold-hearted killers. I am tired at trying to figure out how as a solitary nation, we can defeat this global terrorist network. I am tired at attempting to be politically correct about the world or more specifically, Pakistan and Kashmir.

I am tired and perhaps I am incoherent and illogical, but I am emotionally and mentally exhausted.

We sit patiently while terrorists continually provoke us, massacre us, destroy our property and disrupt our peaceful existance. When the US had its first taste of terrorism, they marshalled up forces from all over the globe to join their battle, as if it were some new evil, they had suddenly accidentally discovered. They talk of how they are committed to tackling terrorism internationally, and how member countries should work together to put an end to it. We have been fighting the same war as the Americans, for over half a century now, and yet why do we continue to fight this battle alone?

Update 1 : PM exhorts the G8 to take action

Update 2 : PM calls off the Peace talks with Pakistan and directly accusses Pakistan. Perhaps from the myopic viewpoint I currently possess, I see this as a good thing. What use is it to carry on these futile discussions with a leadership, that has proven themselves to be irresponsible, conniving and not trustworthy. I swear, if Bush makes a statement about how such acts of terror, should not prevent dialogue between India and Pakistan, I will ram a fork into my eye !!!


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