Saturday, April 15, 2006

Aamir Khan's effigy burnt !

It is not very often that celebrities speak their mind on contentious issues and stand by what they believe in. Most choose to remain silent and only speak to the masses through the medium of cinema. And that's why I respect celebrities who also don the role of ordinary citizens, lend support and speak their mind. In this case, Aamir Khan merely visited the protesters of NBA and the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, listened to their grievances and agreed with their demands. And it's not the first time Aamir Khan has spoken out. You can read his interview to Tehekla as well, here.

Dams need to be built, but if the government usurps the farmers lands then they need to be compensated and in this case also rehabilitated. All the political parties are in support of the construction of the dam, but Aamir Khan never said that the dam should not be built. What then do these party workers hope to achieve by burning his effigy or stopping movie theaters from screening his movies?


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