Thursday, March 23, 2006

The battle continues : Religion vs. Science

Was there ever an era in the past when dinosaurs ruled the earth?

Yes. Ofcourse !

But wait.... how can you be so sure ? Were you actually there ?

It is evangelist Ken Ham's goal in life to convince all the people in America and eventually the world, I would assume, that the real answers lie in the Genesis and not some hogwash theory called evolution. Science is a ridiculous orthodoxy and Ham is arming those who support him with "Christian Patriot Missiles" to take on the vile scientists. He insists that the Bible be taken literally, that God created the universe and all creatures in roughly six 24 hr days, roughly 6000 years ago.

This article from the LA Times, tells all.

Mildly amusing, you say ? What is appalling is that approximately 59 % of Americans surveyed believe creationism over evolution and that what is written in the Bible's Book of Revelation will come to pass. And when you have the President of the United States of America, the great leader of the free world, claiming that he attacked Afghanistan and Iraq at the behest of God, should we be slightly worried ?


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