Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sreesanth's eyes !

Wow. Just got back from my friend's place after watching India beat Australia in the semi finals of the Cricket 20/20 World Cup. What a game !!! Just when I thought that the match was slipping away, India held strong and Australia were found wanting in the dying overs.

And what was with Sreesanth's eyes? That guy was glaring at Hayden and Gilchrist right from the very first ball. Reminded me of Zaheer in the World Cup just before he got embarrassingly clobbered. Sreesanth however, not only bowled a fantastic four overs but also picked up Gilchrist early on and then took out Hayden. An event that definitely turned the match in our favor. Pumped fists, huge eyes and smacking the ground repeatedly while celebrating his dismissal of Hayden, if only he keeps it up in the finals as well.

Monday morning is going to be amazing. An India vs Pakistan final. This is one game you will not want to miss!


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